Topic outline

  • Virtual Reality

    Presential course in INF2 by R. Boulic with one Lecture by Dr Bruno Herbelin on May 6th
    (the use of the webinar is limited to the presentation course of the first week)

    see the detailed schedule below for the the type of activity during the 10-13h time range

    the course plans 5 weeks of VR hands-on with coding work (--2h/week) from weeks 3 to 9 of the semester. For this reason, the 1h of exercise from 12h to 13h is used for teaching for the first 2 weeks whereas there will be only 1h of lecture from 10h to 11h during the weeks 4 to 9 period.

    The paper study is an individual work starting on week2 with a deadline on week6.

    The project is written in C# on UNITY3D ; it starts on week 3 where groups of 3 persons are formed and can retrieve their Oculus Quest HMD(s) on a first-come first-served basis; we only have 19 of them (half Oculus Quest and half Quest2) for spring 2024. The project pitch is planned on week 5 after the Oculus Quest hands-on. The project end on week 13.


    GRADING SCHEME (spring 2024)

    • The paper study grade has a weight of  15% ; you will know your grade before the final theoretical oral (see below)
    • The programming assignment has a weight of 50% that includes a project oral evaluation conducted in presential (with individual questions on the code).
    • The individual theoretical oral control during week 14 has a weight of 35% (the duration is 15 minutes / closed books / the first third of the oral exam is presenting a summary of the paper study and the rest consists of questions on related VR theoretical concepts)) . The theoretical oral exam will be conducted in presential during the whole week 14. 
      • DETAILED SCHEDULE for spring 2024

      • 2024 planning


  • Topic 1

    Feb. 19tht [1h course presentation and embodied VR concepts +2h about perception]

    10h15 :R. Boulic : Course structure including a brief overview of the 4 hands-on demos, the paper study and the small project

    R. Boulic : VR as "Embodied Interaction"

    11h15: R. Boulic 1h: Feeding human senses through "Immersion"

    12h15: R. Boulic 1h: Depth Perception

  • Topic 2

    February 26th : PROJECT [2h teaching by Betül Güres; 1h by Loën Boban] from now on, without webinar ; recorded video from previous year will be visible after the course period

    Betül Güres : Introduction to game design

    Betül Güres: Game: Play testing

    Loën Boban: VR systems and project presentation

  • Topic 3

    March 4th [2h teaching and 1h UNITY intro]

    R. Boulic 1h: How much Immersion is necessary ? what is he difference between Immersion and Presence ? and Flow ?

    R. Boulic 1h: Cybersickness

    Hands-on HO1 Week3
  • Topic 4

    March 11th [1h teaching, 2h TP with own laptop]

    R. Boulic 1h: Basic 3D interaction techniques: Magic vs Naturalism (Part1)

    Hands-on  HO2 Week4

  • Topic 5

    March 18th [reduced teaching/ focus on the pitch]

    R. Boulic : Basic 3D interaction techniques: Magic vs Naturalism [15 min]

    Project Pitch : sign-up and upload of the game design document are in Topic3


  • Topic 6

    March 25 th [1h teaching / 2h TP]

    R. Boulic 1h : Basic 3D interaction techniques: Magic vs Naturalism (part 4)

    Hands-on Week6

  • Topic 7

    April 8th [1h teaching, the initially planned 2h TP]

    R. Boulic 1h :  Haptic interfaces (part1 & 2)

    Hands-on week7

  • Topic 8

    April 15 th [1h teaching / 2h peer assessment of basic interactions]

    R. Boulic : Haptic Interfaces (part3) / The perception of Action (Part 1/2)

  • Topic 9

    April 22 th [45 min]

    R. Boulic : The perception of action (end)

  • Topic 10

    April 29th [45 min]

    R. Boulic:  What makes an interactive virtual human alive (or plain zombies) ?
  • Topic 11

    May 6 th [2h teaching] invited lecture from Dr Bruno Herbelin

    B. Herbelin: Immersive Virtual Reality, Telepresence and  their cognitive foundation / Embodied Virtual Reality (course material from B Herbelin from EPFL-LNCO)

  • Topic 12

    May 13 th: 10h-13h Public Demo/PlayTesting in INF2 to everybody

    This assessment session helps to gather some playtesting feedback from other players that are not members of your group. It will help to refine some aspects before the final upload of the project next week. Today, you can continue to finalize your project but we highly recommend that you take advantage of the presence of other groups' members to invite them to test your game (even partially) before/after the assigned student-assistant visits you.

    For the test by the student-assistant, it is on a first-ready, first-tested basis ; so meet them at the beginning of the session to discuss your preferred time range for the test of your game. If you didn't proactively set any test time range the student-assistants will decide themselves when they visit you before 13h.

  • Topic 13

    May 20th is a non-working day : Project finalization before upload on Wednesday 22nd midnight

  • Topic 14

    May 27th: as the 3h available time won't be sufficient, the Final Individual Oral Exams for theory will be spread during the week of May 27-31th in presential in INJ 141.

    The Project Group Presentation will be planned during this week too in presential in a room to be confirmed during week 13.

    Given the high number of students, the additional individual oral on the project code (smoke detector) will also be spread during the first week after the semester.