Final VR project submission

The deadline for submitting the final version of the project is on May 25 at 23:55.

The submission, only one per group, must contain the build of the game, the sources, the report, and the video of the project.

Submission item list:

  1. Build of the game
    We will directly import your builds (i.e., games) in the .apk format to HMDs to evaluate your games.

  2. Sources
    We should be able to rebuild your game only based on the sources you provided to us.

  3. Report
    It should contain a short synopsis of the game with an illustration of the theme of the game (e.g., a screenshot of a characteristic moment in the game)
    Then the report would concisely describe the scenario followed by the interactions (e.g., how to trigger it, what it does, and how it manages to do it with a short description of the implementation, schemas are highly appreciated)
    Commands and cheat codes should be summarized in a short table.
    A short description of the playtesting session(s) and feedback should also be described (e.g., you can describe interactions you had to change if it was too complicated or tended to induce motion-sickness, who tested your game, what you learned/disliked from participants, etc.)
    You can put emphasis on the care you added to the graphics, the sounds, maintaining the theme of the game, or things you believe matter a lot to you while you develop the game.
    The report shouldn't be longer than 5 pages (except for exceptional caption)
    Finally, you can add short acknowledgments for your playtesters, friends, family, StackOverflow, etc.

    Pdf is highly recommended, although .doc or .odt are accepted.

  4. Video of the project
    This should be a short video ( <5 mins) showing the core parts of the game
    We don't expect a trailer with special effects.

    Usual formats are accepted, and if the video is too heavy, it can be submitted as a link in a file to a video-sharing platform.
    N.B. Let us know in case you do not want it to be posted on any video-sharing platform in the future (

Submission methods:

  • Archive
    The submission archive must be a single .zip archive file named, where XX is the group number and must contain the following items:
    - ./build.apk : the build
    - ./sources : the folder containing the unity project (with the code and all assets)
    - ./report.pdf : the report
    - ./video.mp4 : the video

  • EPFL's GitLab
    ⚠️You must warn us and share the project URL in advance (before May 25 at 20:00)
    so that we can fork it at the expected deadline.
    You must invite us to the project (mdelahay, ntian, boulic, or using emails) as project members with at least the Developer role.
    The fork will be performed at the deadline; therefore, changes until then will be taken into account.
    (i.e., sending the invite is not the final upload, it does not freeze the state of the project, you can still push changes until the deadline)

    The project repository, containing the application code and all assets, must also contain the following items:
    - ./build.apk : the build (not within the Build folder as the .gitignore policy would discard it)
    - ./report.pdf : the report
    - ./video.mp4 : the video

    This repository should be named 2022_cs444_vr_project_group_XX, where XX is the group number .