Game design document (Deadline 16th 23:59)

The game design document is maximum two pages. This is not graded ; it will be used to provide better feedback during the pitch session in week 5.
Please Mark your group_id in the pdf name and your document title. 

One person per group make the submission

You should include the following bullet points: Please carefully read updated project guideline_ 2022 for references: 

1. Game background description. (e.g. stories (if any), game world (if any))

2. Basic gameplay (e.g. the goal of the game)

3. Game mechanism ( e.g. the core game mechanism, key interactions, etc) 

4. Locomotion style. 

5. Designs to avoid cybersickness (Optional).

6. Other features (User interface, Sound & Effects).

We recommend that you use drawings or other forms of graphical representation to convey your idea more efficiently.

For the pitch session, please prepare a presentation slide (maximum 5 pages).