Topic outline

  • Moodle Model Course

    Welcome to the moodle demonstration site. 

    This site aims to model good practices in the design of a moodle site and to provide access to resources on how to use moodle functions.

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  • Getting started

    What are the first things I should know about moodle? How do I create a moodle course page for my face to face course and where do I find it? How do I organise my content?

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  • Managing your course page

    How are my students enrolled? How do I enroll teaching assistants? How do I create groups? 

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  • Formatting your content

    How do I put a title and a description to my course page? How do I rename sections and create subsections? How do I organise my content so it is visually comprehensible?

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  • Evaluating your students

    How do I create assignments? How do I create group assignments and why would I and create any?

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  • Communicating with your students

    How do I setup a forum? If I have created groups, how can I maximise my forum? What is a news forum?

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  • Creating special content

    How do I insert LaTex in my course page? How do I add a youtube video?

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  • Collecting Assignments, giving back grades

    Assignments are a central component of instruction. It is by solving problems that students can develop skill and build knowledge. 

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