Weekly outline

  • Introductory course on quantum computation and basic algorithms. Subjects: classical circuit model, irreversibility and reversibility, principles of quantum mechanics (axiomatic approach) and Deutschmodel of quantum circuits. Deutsch-Josza algorithm, hidden subgroup and Simon algorithm, factorization and Shor's algorithm, Grover data base search. Possibly distributed protocols and/or HLL. Error correcting codes: Calderbank-Steane-Shor, stabiliser formalism. We will also use NISQ machines in exercises and/or projects.

    Teachers: ruediger.urbanke#epfl.ch  olivier.leveque#epfl.ch

    Assistants: anastasia.remizova@epfl.ch  zijing.di#epfl.ch

    Student assistants: victor.braun#epfl.ch  thomas.brunet#epfl.ch  giovanni.ranieri#epfl.ch


    - Lectures on Wednesdays, 8h15-11h, in room ELA2

    - Exercises sessions, 11h-12h, in room ELA2

    The third hour can be dedicated to lectures and/or exercises, depending on advancement and subjects.

    Lecture notes (in french): chapters taught this semester are chapters 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. (the rest corresponds to Introduction in Quantum Information Processing).

    Reference book: Nielsen and Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge university Press, 2010

    Videos (both in French - Spring 2021, and in English - Spring 2023)

    Exam and grading: 4 graded homeworks 20% + one final mini-project 10% + final written exam 70%

    For the final exam: one A4 page recto-verso with a personal summary of the course is allowed. Apart from that it is a closed book exam.

  • Wednesday, February 21 (OL)

    Introduction, Classical circuits, Dirac's notation

    Chapters 10.1, 10.2, 3.1 in notes

  • Wednesday, February 28 (OL)

    This week

    Quantum principles (axiomatic approach). Elementary quantum gates.

    Chapter 3 in notes

  • Wednesday, March 6 (OL)

    Quantum computation (circuit) model of Deutsch and Deutsch-Josza algorithm

    Chapter 10 in notes

  • Wednesday, March 13 (OL)

    Models of distributed computation and a distributed Deutsch-Josza Algorithm

    Chapter 14 in notes

  • Wednesday, March 20 (RU)

    Hidden sub-group problem and Simon algorithm I

    Chapter 11 in notes (until analysis of measurement)

  • Wednesday, March 27 (RU)

    Hiden sub-group problem and Simon algorithm II

    Chapter 11 continuation and end (analysis of measurement process and recap of algorithm)

  • Wednesday, April 3

    Easter break: holiday
  • Wednesday, April 10 (RU/OL)

    Groups and numbers

    Chapter 12.1, 12.2 in notes

  • Wednesday, April 17 (RU)

    Factorization, period of a function and Shor's algorithm

    Chapter 12 in notes

  • Wednesday, April 24 (RU)

    Factorization, period of a function and Shor's algorithm - Continuation

    Chapter 12 in notes

  • Wednesday, May 1 (RU)

    Factorization, period of a function and Shor's algorithm - Continuation

    Chapter 12 in notes

  • Wednesday, May 8 (RU/OL)

    Database search: Grover algorithm

    Chapter 13 in notes

  • Wednesday, May 15 (OL)

    Error correcting codes: Shor code, Calderbank-Steane-Shor codes

    Chapter 9 in notes

    Mini-project (2023): download the jupyter notebook file and import it in your own jupyter instance or noto.epfl.ch. You will upload your solution as a jupyter file by completing the questions in this notebook.

    We recall that you will use the qiskit simulator

    We also recall that you should form teams of two persons.

    Deadline: set to 1st of June, 11:59pm

  • Wednesday, May 22 (OL)

    Error correcting codes: continuation

    Chapter 9 in notes

  • Wednesday, May 29 (OL)

    Error correction end: Calderbank-Steane-Shor codes

    Review of class and Q&A