Please upload a pdf structured as follows :
- 1 page = [min: 2400 , max: 3000] characters including spaces (use text editing tools to count characters)
- Do not copy-paste any piece of text from the paper to study unless you make clear it is a citation (with double quotes).
- you may have one image on page 1, only if it is essential to understand the paper.
- the full reference of the studied paper appears at the beginning of page 3 and is referred to as [0] in page 1 and 2.
- use numbered references like this [1] to spare space on pages 1 and 2.

HEADER : your name + beginning of paper title/only first author/year.

PAGE 1 : this page focuses on the contributions of the paper, highlighting a selection of key earlier papers [min: 2, max: 4] to show how the paper exploits them/ compares to them. At the bottom of the page, provide a 1-2 sentence(s) summary for each of the selected earlier papers. Follow this style :
Paper [1] compares the effectiveness of.... with.... etc....

PAGE 2 : includes your analysis of the citations of this paper by others (e.g. who, why, when) ; first indicate the tool you used and the total number of citations you found. Then make a selection of papers (min 4, max 8) to highlight a VARIETY of cases about how the field has evolved since the paper appeared in publication. Include the most cited paper among this selection. The VARIETY criteria will be assessed as follow:
- no more than 2 references from authors of [0]
- no more than 1 survey/review/book
- time range of the chosen references should spread between [0] publication year and now ; let's note N the number of years since the publication of [0], then a maximum of half of the references should be in the N/2 years that followed the publication of [0].

Provide an explicit subsection "Conclusion" stating your own viewpoint on the past and future evolution of the topic.

PAGE 3 : list of the papers references used for pages 1and 2. For each numbered reference provide the paper title, publication year, author list, source of publication (conference, journal, book), publisher, volume and number (for journal) or chapter (for book), page numbers, and DOI (or a link to the internet location where you found the paper) so that we can find it easily.

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