Welcome to Applied Biostatistics !!

Welcome to Applied Biostatistics !!

par Darlene Goldstein,
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hello everyone, and WELCOME to Applied Biostatistics !!

This week, there will not be an in-class lecture tomorrow (Monday 19 February), but there are videos covering the material (Reproducible Research + Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing).

We WILL have a lab meeting on Tuesday. This meeting will be for you to install R / RStudio, and you can also start using these to carry out some basic analyses. 

I will also give a lecture on EDA - Exploratory Data Analysis, an important part of EVERY statistical analysis, where you explore the data set BEFORE doing any kind of calculations.

I understand that there are many of you who have an overlap of this time with another course, but I would urge you to at least attend this first lab meeting if at all possible. 

I look forward to seeing you all this Tuesday !!

Best regards,