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First lecture

First lecture

by Jean-Cédric Chappelier -
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Dear INLP students,

welcome to CS-431 Intro to NLP course!

The first lecture will be given "the normal way", tomorrow 8:15-10:00am in room CM 5 by Martin.
For those who cannot attend, a video equivalent of what Martin will be doing in class is already available on our Switch tube channel. (but, of course, class attendance is highly recommended).

Then a practical session will take place 10:15am-12:00(pm) in the same room.

For the following weeks up to week 11 (included), teaching format will be "flipped classrooms". Main content is already available from our Switch Tube channel and shall be watch before the corresponding in-class complementary sessions.
For the last 3 weeks of the semester: it'll likely be given in person but recorded on the spot and made available online after the lecture.

More details tomorrow by Martin, and also on that page: