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March 21st timing

March 21st timing

by Ronan Boulic -
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Due to the large number of groups and the time constraints (on our side we have another meeting at 13h) we have organized next monday March 21st as follows:

- only 15 min of theoretical course (continuing on 3D interaction) from 10h15 to 10h30

- break 10h30 10h37

- pitches start at 10h38 : there are still 5 groups who need to register in the slots from 10h38 to 11h08

=> we'll have to be sharp on the timing : please rehearse for a MINIMUM of 2 min and a MAXIMUM of 4 min presentation ; it leaves 1 min for 1 question and 1 min for switching to the next group

=> the video projector connector is HDMI.

=> groups have to get ready before the previous group ends

Best regards
Ronan Boulic

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Re: March 21st timing

by Ronan Boulic -
Protocol for the pitch:
- check when your turn is and stand up before the group before you ends their presentation part ; move to the presentation desk during the question time
- it is perfectly fine to be a single presenter at the pitch stage
- Present yourself: firstname and name, project number and, if any, game or group name.
- Pitch is minimum 2 min / maximum 4 min ; we cut too long presentations
- start giving the floor to the next group during the question time and give back the mike before leaving...
see you soon