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by Cristina Basescu - Friday, 4 December 2020, 16:58

Dear students,

The exam will take place on Wednesday, 27.01, at 4:15 pm. It is a "take-home" exam, which means that it will take place online, in the same Zoom room as for the lectures and TA session.

The exam consists of a presentation and demo of your project. To ensure that we stay within the allocated time slot, please limit your presentation & demo to at most K minutes in total, where K is:

  • 11 minutes for four-person groups

  • 9 minutes for three-person groups

  • 7 minutes for two-person groups

We have strict time requirements that we need to impose; thus, we will stop your presentation after this time. Following the presentation and demo, there will be 5-10 minutes of questions.

To avoid delays due to setup, please record your presentation and demo. We will play your presentations during the Zoom session, after which there will be questions from the course team and other students.

You need to prepare a video recording of the presentation, including the demo, and send it to us at the latest on Wednesday, 27.01, at noon. You are not allowed to speed up your presentation video to fit within the time. Instructions about uploading the videos will follow soon.


The schedule of the presentation time per group will follow. Ideally, you should be present for the entire Zoom session and actively participate in asking questions. The Q&A and discussion of the project are ideal for learning from other people's practical experiences. In any case, you are expected to participate in the session to a minimum of one presentation before and two presentations after yours.  We strongly encourage you to be active and ask questions.

Project repository

We will create on Gitlab a project repository. If you've already started working on the code, please commit your work so far and then continue on the Gitlab repository.


Please find below the project deliverables. The contents for the slide deck and the report and the exact manner to deliver these (e.g., via Moodle or some alternative way) will be part of a different post.

  • project write-up

  • slide deck

  • video recording

  • code source

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

The CS-438 team

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Re: Exam
by Cristina Basescu - Monday, 25 January 2021, 10:01

Dear students,

Please place your video recording of the project presentations in the following google drive link [1]. To be granted access, you must be logged in with your EPFL account. Any standard format should be fine for the recordings - if you're unsure, please check with the TAs. As specified above, the videos should be uploaded before Wednesday, 27.01, at noon. The recommended contents for the presentation is in a previous Moodle announcement [2].

Also, we've created a Moodle submission for your presentation slides and project report [3]. The recommended contents for the report is in a previous Moodle announcement [4]. Please upload these before the exam date/time (Wednesday 27.01, 4 pm).

There is no need to upload the sources of your project. We will use the Gitlab repositories, so please make sure your commits are up-to-date before the exam (Wednesday 27.01, 4 pm). 

We will soon publish the exam schedule.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

The CS-438 team





Re: Exam
by Kirill Nikitin - Monday, 25 January 2021, 23:00

Dear students,

We have published the schedule for your presentations on Wednesday.

The exam will take place at the usual Zoom link for the course online sessions. We will be playing your uploaded presentation videos from our computer but you will answer our questions and the questions of your colleagues live during the dedicated Q&A slots. We strongly encourage everyone to ask other teams questions, especially in same as your project topic session.

We remind you that all the students are expected to be present during the whole exam (unless you have a justifiable reason to miss a part of it, in which case you need to communicate this to us).

Best regards,

The CS-438 team