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Question about the Higher Nodes Contention Test

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Question about the Higher Nodes Contention Test
by Reka Inovan - Tuesday, 1 December 2020, 11:31


I have a question about TestGossiper_Contention_Higher_Nodes_Long_Blockchain. From my understanding, several other tests require the IndexFile function to block until it get a consensus or detect a conflict.

However, in TestGossiper_Contention_Higher_Nodes_Long_Blockchain, the indexFile function is called on a separate goroutine, so the test will continue without waiting for consensus. So the test could fail because it reached the end before the nodes achieves consensus. Is this deliberate?


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Re: Question about the Higher Nodes Contention Test
by Pasindu Nivanthaka Tennage - Thursday, 3 December 2020, 19:01


The test assumes that within the given time, the go routines have finished the execution and the consensus has been made.

However, we found that the tests and the bin_gossiper have some issues, and we are currently fixing them. They will be available soon in your repos.

Sorry for inconvenience.