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Merging of Paxos and Rumor logic

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Merging of Paxos and Rumor logic
by Francesco Intoci - Monday, 23 November 2020, 17:04


From what I have understood reading the handout, we will implement Paxos algorithm on top of the Rumor logic, in order to have the reliability we implemented using the Status Messages. In order to do that, we should process the Paxos logic AFTER processing the Rumor message as a regular Rumor Message, right? (so after storing the information about the Rumor ID, updating Status and Routing table, and so on...)

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Re: Merging of Paxos and Rumor logic
by Cristina Basescu - Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 12:27


Yes, that's exactly right! Thanks for bringing up this point.