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Test 21 INTEGRATION failure

Avatar Mladen Korunoski
Test 21 INTEGRATION failure
par Mladen Korunoski, samedi, 14 novembre 2020, 09:57


I have a question regarding the 

TestBinGossiper_File_Search_Duplicate_Elimination test. As I can see, the node the issues the search requests (node A) is actually the binary one. I am not sure if it handles duplicate requests properly because the test fails. If I instead have the node C as the binary, the test passes. 

Are the node initializations wrong?

Re: Test 21 INTEGRATION failure
par Kirill Nikitin, samedi, 14 novembre 2020, 12:51


The duplicate requests elimination should actually be exhibited in node B. So I think that you are trying to eliminate duplicate requests at the initiator nodes which is not supposed to happen (one should be able to send out as many search requests as one desires). It is the nodes that receive and relay requests that should eliminate.

Did I get your issue correctly or there is something else going on?