Future Deadlines?

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Future Deadlines?
by Konstantinos Prasopoulos - Monday, 5 October 2020, 09:46

Good morning,

Could you please share future deadlines, even if tentative?

Thank you.

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Re: Future Deadlines?
by Pasindu Nivanthaka Tennage - Thursday, 8 October 2020, 10:19

Dear Prasopoulos ,

For the HW0 and 1 I believe you are already aware about the deadlines. To give a rough estimation about the other deadlines;

1. HW2: November first week
2. HW3: November last week
3. For the project you have multiple deadlines which we will announce later.

Hope this clarifies your question

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Re: Future Deadlines?
by Konstantinos Prasopoulos - Thursday, 8 October 2020, 13:23

It does, thank you