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  • Labs in Microelectronics

    Sujets / Topics
  • Topic 1

    A-D & D-A Conversion

    Experimental study of the main specifications of Data Converters: transfert curve, errors, quantization noise, sampling effects.

    Study of a simple signal processing system.

  • Topic 2

    Analog Modulation & Demodulation

    Experimental study of the basic analog modulations and démodulations applied to the voice transmission: AM, SSB and FM.

  • Topic 3

    Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

    Experimental study of the properties of second order PLL circuits build with the 4046 CMOS IC.

    Experimental study of the principle of the PLL frequency synthesizer.

  • Topic 4

    Switching DC-DC Step-Down Voltage Converter & Regulator

    Experimental study of the principle of the DC-DC switching Buck Converter.

    Experimental study of an integrated switching buck voltage regulator. 

  • Topic 5

    Introduction to HF Electronics

    Experimental study of some basic HF circuits : passive LC filter, selective amplifier, quartz oscillator and different types of mixers. 

  • Topic 6

    SSB Transceiver

    Experimental study of an SSB transmitter and an SSB superheterodyne receiver in the 14MHz band. Calculation and adjustment of the critical components. Measurement of the performances.