The high failure rate of start-up growth is an indication that even in Silicon Valley entrepreneurship remains a difficult process, not to say that it is nearly impossible to master. No theory has been able to predict the outcome of entrepreneurial ventures and it is not even clear that practice and experience really help in building successful start-ups. Therefore, the only way to better understand startup dynamics is to experience them in real cases. EFPL is surrounded by a higher than average high-tech start-up scene, particularly at the EPFL Innovation PArk (EIP) and close by Garage. Students will be given an opportunity to work with entrepreneurs on challenges they face in the start-up growth. Given the limited timeframe, it will not be possible to have a complete overview of the challenges an entrepreneur faces, but the objective would be that the students learn as much as possible from such a situation. Because all start-ups are different however, a large part of the course will be to complement the real case with other case studies so that the students learn as much as possible.