EDPY - Physics

The course builds on the two previous courses on the subject. The main subject is the study of quantum field theories at the loop level. The course introduces the concept of loop divergences and renormalization. Non abelian gauge theories are also discussed in depth.

To acquire knowledge about the conceptual building blocks of spintronics, such as the fundament notions of magnetism, spin relaxation and diffusive transport, so as to be able to understand current research and the basic principles that led to breakthroughs in information technology.

This summer school provides expert knowledge on theory, experiments and possible applications of chiral magnetism. Timely research topics, considering e.g. chiral domain walls, spin spiral and cycloids, skyrmions, magnonic crystal properties and directional dichroism of microwaves are covered.

This course is an introduction to the non-perturbative bootstrap approach to Conformal Field Theory and to the Gauge/Gravity duality, emphasizing the fruitful interplay between these two ideas.

The goal of this course is to explain the conceptual and mathematical bases of the Standard Model of fundamental interactions and to illustrate in detail its phenomenological consequences.