EDMI - Microsystems and Microelectronics

The course provides the basis to understand the physics, the key performance, and the research and industrial applications of magnetic sensors and actuators. Together with a detailed introduction to magnetism, several magnetic sensors and actuators are studied.

Micro-optics and optical MEMS comprise advanced techniques to manipulate light with superior precision and speed to realize compact yet versatile optoelectronic systems. MICRO605 covers the necessary theory, basic practical aspects, and the device and system concepts for these closely related fields

This course provides an overview of RF MEMS/NEMS switches, passives, resonators, phase shifters and filters including hybrid devices (resonant-gate MOS transistor), carbon and phase-change materials, heterogeneous integration and a tutorial in S-parameters measurements and calibration techniques.

The course covers the entire field of lab-on-a-chip technology, including microfluidic principles and various microfabrication approaches, and presenting concrete examples of devices for (bio)analysis, cell biology, tissue regeneration and microreactors.

This course introduces advanced fabrication methods enabling the manufacturing of novel and micro- and nanoscale systems. Both top-down (stenciling, scanning probes, additive techniques) and bottom-up approaches (self-assembly) are presented, which complement established fabrication tools.