"In silico Neuroscience" introduces masters students to a synthesis of modern neuroscience and state-of-the-art data management and computing technologies. The course will cover a number of key topics including: 1) how neuroscience data is acquired, organized and integrated (neuroinformatics), 2) data-driven modeling and validation of synapses, cells and networks (neurosimulation), 3) software technologies for simulation and analysis (scientific computing), 4) how the brain as a computational device may influence information technology (neuromorphic computing), 5) how to generate “big data” from the clinic (clinical neuroinformatics), 6) A global outlook including the emerging large-scale brain initiatives.

The target audience are technically adept students in the EPFL Neuroscience program and students from other programs (e.g. I&C, SB, CSE) interested in applying their domain techniques to neuroscience.

This course will be complementary to the existing curriculum - especially Neuroscience II and Computational Neuroscience.